Josh Grimm

notas de musica cristiana para flautas I’m Josh Grimm and I’m currently an assistant professor at Texas Tech University, where I teach convergent journalism and broadcast news. My research focuses on representations of race in journalism, particularly portrayals of immigrants and immigration legislation. I love movies and college football and I can’t stand ignorant people, and I believe that if everyone took themselves a little less seriously that the world would be a much better place.


Madness Musings Madness Musings

My thoughts on March Madness: The Bubble, The Bracket, and the Tournament.

House Hunters International House Hunters International

These are my pet peeves about this HG-TV show.

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My Marathon My Marathon

Last weekend I ran my first full marathon, and it was an experience.

Racist? So What? Racist? So What?

Can you separate stereotype recognition from racism?

That’s Cool That’s Cool

We could learn from the Dutch about regulating laws through coolness.

Josh Grimm: Sugar Bowl MVP Josh Grimm: Sugar Bowl MVP

My superstitious role in the crazy OSU Sugar Bowl victory. Emphasis on crazy.

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